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M & E Equipment Completion and Supply

CACSD has been cooperating with top Chinese Mechanical and Electrical equipment manufacturers and obtained their authorization as export agent to Middle East countries as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE. Our services include manufacture selection & visit, technical & business consultancy for type selection, production line design and manufacturing inspection, installation instruction as well as after-service.

Through years of hard work, CACSD has successfully promoted Chinese brands into the Middle East market, products covering diesel generator, compressor, PE production line and etc. Annual export has reached USD 15 million.

Our focused items are as following:

Production line, single unit machine and accessories of PE & PVC solid-wall pipe, double-wall corrugated pipe, RTP and etc

Standard, silent and movable diesel generator

Single & double-screw compressor

Diesel-driven lighting equipment

Cutting machines

M&E Equipment Completion and SupplyConstruction and Transportation Equipment ExportGeneral Trade and International Freight ForwardingConstruction Project Consultancy and Management

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