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Modular Houses & Light Steel Construction

Modular house and light steel construction is one of CACSDas areas. Together with Yahgee Modular House Co., Ltd., the top modular house maker in China, and other partners in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, CACSD provides the customers with design, manufacturing, transportation and installation of standardized, modularized houses which are environment-friendly and cost-effective.

Our products have been around all China and sold to the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other areas like Southeast Asia and Africa.

Product Series

Slope & even roof modular houses; container houses; movable sentry boxes, villas and other light-steel-skeleton structures.a


Temporary offices and lodging houses for construction sites and other field work; provisional houses for urban dwelling, administration, commerce and transportation; temporary houses for exhibition, department stores, offices and sports center; temporary resort hotels and villas; workshop and warehouse for light industry.

Contents of Services

Provision of all series of standard products, auxiliary products as well as tailor-made products; Provision of consultancy and planning & design, auxiliary systems like drainage & electricity included; Supply and installation of equipment and materials; Modular house lease, dismantling, buy-back and other services.

M & E Equipment Completion and SupplyConstruction and Transportation Equipment ExportGeneral Trade and International Freight ForwardingConstruction Project Consultancy and Management

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