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General Trade and International Freight Forwarding


With the long-term and extensive cooperation with various Chinese manufacturers, CACSD has become an important channel for Chinese quality products going global, successfully exporting to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and etc. Annual export value reaches USD 3 million. Our focused items are as following:

Construction materials: panels, scaffolds, reinforcing steel bar and steel shotcrete; Hardware & labor protection articles: protective gloves, protective shoes, safety belt and hardware kit; Office & daily articles: office furniture, office equipment, bunk bed, wardrobe and other ordinary/top-grade furniture.

International Freight Forwarding

Backed by extensive cooperation with shipping companies, major ports and rich experiences accumulated, CACSD is capable to provide international freight forwarding and related consultancy, including:

Onshore and offshore international freight forwarding; Air freight forwarding; Agency for customer clearance, inspection and quarantine.

M & E Equipment Completion and SupplyConstruction and Transportation Equipment ExportGeneral Trade and International Freight ForwardingConstruction Project Consultancy and Management

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