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International Construction Project Consultancy and..

International Construction Project Consultancy and Management

With good cooperative relation with state-owned Chinese construction contracting enterprise, construction equipment manufacturer, construction material supplier, CACSD is capable to contract below projects:

Commercial buildings, offices, and residential buildings;

Public works;

Road and bridge;

Industrial buildings and equipment installation.

CACSD is also capable to provide following services for Chinese constructors:

Marketing and consultancy, such as bidding documentation;

Management consultancy for project execution;

Construction for site camp;

Construction equipment supply and lease;

Construction material supply;

Contracting of project jointly.

In the recent two years CACSD has assisted a number of state-owned Chinese construction corporations to win projects in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, annual contracting value reaching USD a hundred million.

M & E Equipment Completion and SupplyConstruction and Transportation Equipment ExportGeneral Trade and International Freight ForwardingConstruction Project Consultancy and Management

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