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Core Business

M &E Equipment Completion and Supply
CACSD has been cooperating with top Chinese Mechanical and Electrical equipment manufacturers and obtained their authorization as export agent to Middle East countries as...
Construction and Transportation Equipment Export
Through years of hard work, CACSD has successfully promoted Chinese brands into the Middle East market, products covering crane (XCMG),excavator, bulldozer..
General Trade and International Freight Forwarding
With the long-term and extensive cooperation with various Chinese manufacturers, CACSD has become an important channel for Chinese quality products going global...
Construction Project Consultancy and Management
With good cooperative relation with state-owned Chinese construction contracting enterprise, construction equipment manufacturer, construction material supplier...
Modular Houses & Light Steel Construction
Modular house and light steel construction is one of CACSDas areas. Together with Yahgee Modular House Co., Ltd., the top modular house maker in China, and...

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