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CACSD Half-Year Summary Meeting & Outdoor Development Were Successfully Completed

From July 13-14, the half-year summary meeting of CACSD was held at National Youth Outdoor Activity Base.

On the meeting, CACSD managing director Mr. Zhang Shenxiang made a summary of the major achievements accomplished in the first half of 2007, pointed out the challenge facing the company and the major tasks for the latter half. Then Mr. Zhang made comments on the half-year performance assessment and answered part of the questions raised in the self-assessment of staffs. At last, staffs who have excellent performance were awarded.

After the meeting all staffs participated the outdoor development. Through joint efforts and guided by team spirit, all participants completed all activities. The outdoor development not only increased mutual trust and cooperation, but also reflected the inexperience of this young team which arose the participants¡¯ meditation. Lastly, the best players were selected out and awarded.

On the evening of Jul 13, a party full of laughter and happines was organized at which staffs performed the dances and songs they have prepared.

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