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Fields of Industry

Owning advanced technical know-how, rich experiences and an excellent team, CACSD is active in below business areas:

Import & Export

Import and Export of electromechanical equipment, engineering machines, logistic equipment, construction materials as well as light industrial products and textile through established manufacturer and client network; and supply the service of consultancy on technology, business, financing and etc. Provision of international logistic service and consultancy based on our good connection with shipping companies, majors ports and Customs.

Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing

Construction of factories and contracting technical innovation project for industries like machinery, light industrial and automobiles. Provision of one-stop service of planning & feasibility study, technical consultancy, production line completion & supply and auxiliary project general contracting. Provide all-around service for foreign investors for investment in China. Promote Chinese products to global market.

Power Plant and Automation Control System

Consultancy on thermal and hydro-power plant, electricity transforming & transmitting, and power supply projects. And Related equipment completion and supply, project management and contracting. Provision of self-developed automation control system and energy-saving system; provide the whole package from design, consultancy and equipment completion to commissioning for power industry, chemicals industry and intelligent building.

Buiding and Infrastructure Construction

Construction of business office & residence buildings and public works. Marketing consultancy, project execution consultancy and management as well as contracting for road and bridge project. Technical consultancy, equipment supply and contracting for water treatment project such as sewage treatment and water purification; air treatment project like dust/sulfur/nitrogen removal; solid waste treatment and resources comprehensive utilization project

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