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Brief Introduction

China CACS Development Ltd. (CACSD), established in the year 1993, is a company c ontrolled by China National Automation Control System Corporation (CACS), a subsidiary company of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH).

CACSD engages in both domestic and international business. It is also a task-force that links and synergizes the valued resources of SINOMACH and that in China to poise for overseas project undertaking with tailor-made competitive strategies.

Relying on its abundant resources, CACSD has performed successful cooperation and remained in good relation with various enterprises, including foreign investors, consultancy agencies, domestic equipment manufacturers and construction companies. With the developing of power plant and environmental industry at home and abroad, CACSD has taken the advantage of upgrading techniques of domestic manufacturer to extend its business further into the global market. After years integration and utilization of resources available, CACSD has CACSD has formed a steady market development network in and out of China, as well as an optimized project execution and after-service system.

In recently years, to adapt to the changing international economical environment, CACSD has been focusing on developing the Middle East market represented by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. So far CACSD has successfully promoted a number of Chinese brands into this market, products varying from electromechanical equipments like generation set, compressor, PE production line and heavy-duty equipment like crane, excavator, bus, pick-up truck, heavy-duty truck and etc. Annual export has reached USD 50 million plus. In addition, CACSD has worked together with its partners to assist several large-scale Chinese construction companies to win projects in Qatar, Saudi Arab and Kuwait, contracting value in 2007 alone amounting to one hundred million of US dollars.

Backed by our rich experiences and excellent performance, CACSD is always capable and confident to provide our clients with high-quality products and satisfactory services ranging from electromechanical equipment completion & supply, international project consultancy, project management, technical & business consultancy, project contracting to international freight forwarding & consultancy and etc.

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